Spark23 Clients


Pro Sound effects

Pro Sound Effects is a leading developer of sound effects libraries, used by professionals in games, film, and television. The company had recently reached an exclusive partnership with two Academy Award(R)-winning sound editors, and subsequently launched a new library of their life's work. Spark23 provided a thorough analysis of Pro Sound Effects to inform a set of strategic recommendations for the company.  Spark23 then collaborated with the PSE Product Team to develop an actionable 2-year Product Roadmap based on this strategic analysis.

Spark23 Services: Strategic Analysis, Product Roadmap Development


Simmetri is a robust, full-featured 3D/VR storytelling tool/engine. The product has spent many quiet years in development and given the recent VR boom, the company was exploring a public launch strategy.  Spark23 worked with Simmetri to identify and focus on the markets and customers that best aligned with the goals of the company and its founder.  

Spark23 Services: Business Model Development, Customer Development

Wave Arts

Wave Arts has a B2B technology licensing business and a B2C audio software plug-in business. Both sides of the business have great growth potential, yet each has its own set of complexities and challenges.  Spark23 collaborated with Wave Arts to bring its audio technologies into the market via B2B outreach and development.  Spark23 also provided product marketing reinforcement support to efficiently grow Wave Arts' software plug-in business.

Spark23 Services: Business Development, Product Marketing