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You're an ambitious business owner & entrepreneur seeking growth through new product development, yet you can't predict the future well enough to place a bet on the future of your company—I can help you clarify your mission and setup a viable action plan for success.


Growth through new product development

You want to build or grow your business with a new product offering, and you can map out either too many possible ways to reach your goals, or you don’t see any path that’s strong enough for you to bet the company.

You’re stuck and you’re starting to lose confidence—it shouldn’t be so hard to build a business model and a product roadmap, right?

the future you imagined is… imaginary

Holding you back is the part of you that believes there’s “a right way” to go about this, simply because you can imagine what the future will look like.

Heres’s the good news: the future is never perfect—and neither will you be.

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It’s the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge

You and I have a lot of respect for what it takes to create a successful product strategy for a new line of business—especially when there are no guarantees and so much is at stake. I’ve had this responsibility throughout my 18 year career as a product leader—I’ve shipped over 100 products, and achieved 40% YoY growth as an executive team member.

I’ve developed product strategies for:

here’s how i can help you

  1. Schedule a 1-hour appointment with me—that's 20% longer than your average therapy appointment!

  2. At our appointment, we can talk about what’s holding you back right now, focusing on your goals for growth and your underlying strategies.

  3. Your first session will be just $75, and following sessions will be $150. You’ll need a credit card to make an appointment, but you won’t be charged until after the session.

  4. The next day, you’ll get back to your plan, armed with steps to improve your goals, revise your strategies, and take meaningful action!

Our sessions are strictly confidential. If you’re not satisfied with our session, I’ll waive the entire fee.

What happens now is up to you

Your company growth depends on having well-formed goals, a viable strategy, and clear tactics. Without these three elements, you may be throwing your time and money into a black hole, along with your brand and your pride. I can help you strengthen the pillars of your plan and restore your confidence to lead the way.