Your on-demand business partner

Sales & marketing

If you're a bootstrapped startup company, trying to grow your business with very little cash on hand, Spark23 offers low-risk, commission-based sales & marketing services – specifically designed for you.

We listen to you

Our first step is to understand the current state of your business, your products, your customers, and your goals. Tell us everything!

We generate B2C revenue

If your budget allows, we will recommend a round of customer development work to better align your strategies with your target customers. Once in place, we will work with you on a commission basis to execute on your sales & marketing strategies to drive more revenue into your business.

We close B2B deals

We bring 15 years of experience and 30+ technology licensing deals closed in consumer audio, professional audio, consumer video professional video, and video game industries. Using our network of connections, we'll generate leads, develop them into prospects, and convert them into happy customers. We'll work with you on pure commission – we don't get paid until you get paid!