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Customer development

Is your product not connecting with the market? Spark23 offers customer development counseling to help you identify and build your customer base. 

strategic analysis

Spark23 can conduct a strategic analysis of your business and your growth opportunities to validate your current product strategies and identify new opportunities for growth. Our case study on Sonos is an excellent example.

lean innovation

Is your company risk-averse and slow to innovate? How do you know you're making the right investments in R&D? Do you have a repeatable process that takes you all the way through from the inception of an idea to a prototype, to production, to happy customers and profits?

Using lean innovation practices, Spark23 will help you create a tight feedback loop between your R&D efforts and your customers, de-risking your investment into new markets.

Business MODEL development

Once we have a shared understanding of your goals, and the goals of your current and target customers, we'll use the Lean Canvas to design, test and roll out and iterate on a mix of product strategies, marketing strategies, and sales strategies that will get your business off the ground.

Product Roadmap Development

We will work with you to design long-term, multi-year product roadmaps with ROI estimates. These roadmaps are designed to be agile, so we can adapt them as we change and as the world changes around us.