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Don't tell us everything you do, just tell us the one thing you do BEST

This is a marketing lesson that I'm finally appreciating, and it applies to all aspects of business and product development. 

"My product can capture, edit and share content"
"Our company makes software and hardware for media production."
"I do product management, strategy, and business development."

So what? You've basically said nothing.

Are you saying nothing? 

Are you saying nothing? 

An advisor recently told me this story:

Go outside on the street right now with a sandwich board advertising a general description of what you can do – say, "I'm a Product Manager". 100 people will pass you by.

Now go outside with a sandwich board that says, "I'm a Pro Audio Software Product Manager". 99 people may pass you by, but the 1 person that actually appreciates what that is will stop and talk to you. 

If you cast your net too wide, you will not reach the customers that will MOST VALUE what you have to offer.

When you're considering your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) – whether your subject is you personally, your company, or the product you're working on, just focus on the one thing you do BEST.

"My product delivers the highest quality content capturing of any solution its class."
"Our company offers the leading software and hardware solution for live sports broadcasting."
"My expertise lies in product strategy for audio and music technology companies." 

Now you're saying something – be bold!

Thank you for reading – please comment and share with others!

Alex Westner