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Wouldn't it be SO COOL if it changed colors?!?!

My primary vehicle is a bicycle, and I try to be safe and visible, especially in these crazy Boston streets, where cars don't obey traffic lights and stop signs, where pedestrians walk out into the street whenever they feel like it, and where other bicyclists are on a death wish weaving around the mayhem.

wheel lights.jpg

So, I have a bike radio, I have strong head- and tail- lights, and my latest addition are rope lights to my wheels.

I get a lot of friendly comments about the rope lights when I'm out at night on my bicycle.

But my favorite recent comment was from a boy who looked to be about 9 years old who was walking down the street with his mom and shouted,

"WOW, look at that mom! Wouldn't it be SO COOL if it changed colors?!"

Of course I like the compliment, but what struck me wasn't just the kid's exuberance for the product - it was how he immediately wanted to make it even better.

If I'm the Product Manager for these bicycle rope lights, that's the best reaction I could ever want from a customer - yes I totally want that and I can't wait for the next version!

Look for these kinds of cues from you customers - when they talk about your product, are they saying:

"Yes! AND..."

or are they saying:

"Yes, if only..."

On paper the difference is subtle, but if you're actively talking to your customers, the difference will be like night and day.

(Hint: you want the "Yes! AND" responses)

Alex Westner