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As a Product Manager, you're up against a Hydra of stakeholders that can leave you feeling overwhelmed & frustrated—I can arm you with new information, tactics and confidence so you can lead your team to success.



The business hydra

The Business Hydra is the multi-headed monster of stakeholders that you face every day as a Product Manager—it’s the beast that you need to tame (not destroy!) in order to ship a successful product.

Why can’t they just trust me?

As a Product Manager, the mission you chose to accept is to consume information and opinions from myriad stakeholders, experts and customers… then efficiently and effectively analyze all of it… so that you can make the best possible decisions to achieve a variety of goals.

Stakeholder management is challenging work, and can often leave you feeling overwhelmed, insecure, and frustrated!

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I know what you’re going through

I’ve been in Product Management for over 15 years and shipped over 100 products. I’ve been where you are today, and have plenty of experience with stakeholder management strategy—confronting challenges that are difficult for most people to understand and appreciate. I've also led teams of Product Managers, guiding & mentoring them through their own respective journeys.

I’ve coached and mentored Product Managers at:

here’s how i can help you

  1. Schedule a 1-hour appointment with me—that's 20% longer than your average therapy appointment!

  2. At our appointment, we can talk about your biggest challenges and create some viable action items.

  3. Your first session will be just $75, and following sessions will be $150. You’ll need a credit card to make an appointment, but you won’t be charged until after the session.

  4. The next day, you’ll get back to work armed with new information, tactics and confidence!

Our sessions are strictly confidential. If you’re not satisfied with our session, I’ll waive the entire fee.

What happens now is up to you

Don’t let the Business Hydra destroy you and come between you and leading your team to great success! I can help you come up with a stakeholder management strategy that empowers you to be the confident, capable and trusted product leader you want to be.